Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Who was Michael Whiteacre aka Ari before stepping into the LA porn scene?

In 2005 Ari Bass became the head/president of a company based out of Mesa, AZ called Pop3 Media Corp :

Many have dubbed it a scam:!msg/alt.fraud/Hx24OEQKxP0/GHlwLDm709sJ (another link calling it a scam: )

Apparently someone was hired to spam forums and send mass emails to "pump" the stock up (the tactic is called pump and dump - a link to an explanation: ).

A fraudulent press release was caught on a site called posted by someone named "Centurian" and he was banned from the forum. According to posters on it is a Federal Offence for a company to pump stock using false press releases.

There's no way to PROVE that it was actually Ari, but in the opinion of many, it was. user Limel_000 figures out Centurian is running a scam on the forum:

Below is a link of someone figuring out something is fraudulent with user Centurian:

The "relationship" between whoever Centurian is and Ari parallels Ari and Sean Tompkins (TRPWL). Ari seems to consistently use another alias or person so that he's 1 step removed from "dirty work". Keep in mind, being that he's a reverse merger shell company expert I'm thinking he had a hand in bringing Manwin to America - Manwin used to be called Mansef but Fabian Thylmann reportedly bought the assets and renamed it Manwin - there was a lot of controversy over the situation in regards to some filesharing sites - covered it.